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Magazine publishing executive, married with two grown daughters, and a small white dog.


Like so many others, I've been seduced by the idea of communicating thoughts and ideas through a blog. When I read a book, watch a tv show or go to a movie, I want to tell my friends what I thought about it and then hear their reaction too. A blog is a perfect way of communicating with all of you at once.

Our generation's conversations about media and entertainment really started with the Beatles. We already knew all about them before they reached the Ed Sullivan show, and we'd all asked each other who our favorite was (I split my vote between Paul and John). And think of all the other cultural references we've shared ever since then. I want this blog to continue that conversation we started so many years ago.

A couple of notes of explanation: My grading may be uncritical because I usually won't see/watch/read/listen to anything that I don't think I'll enjoy. And don't look for reality tv (like "The Kardashians"), talent shows (not even "American Idol") or horror flicks (no "Scream4"). My taste runs to drama and comedy for TV and movies, non-fiction for books and 60's and 70's rock for music. You'll even get some theater, ballet and opera sprinkled in because my wife Warren and I live in New York, and it's all there and really isn't cultural castor oil.

So let me hear from you - good or bad or indifferent!


reading, movies, theater, ballet, opera, baseball and football, golf, yoga, running, biking and, without apology, TV